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   Francesca & Shimey

Their are so many great things i could truly say about Herrington House. There were so many moving parts for our wedding and we felt like we had everything we needed. We hired most of our vendors before we hired Herrington House. Herrington House was hired for Day of Coordination. But worked as Full Wedding Coordinators. We change some of our vendors to save money based on there observations. We saw amazing execution from their team. They were everything a bride and groom could ever ask for there wedding.


Quentin & Nirvana

"Having a destination wedding can be extremely stressful. But these awesome women made our day amazing despite weather issues, having to move the wedding and reception from outdoor to indoors and still executed an amazing wedding day. The Wedding Planners catered breakfast for the bridal party along with handling vendors from several parts of the United States all of which traveled to service us in Destin, FL. "

Gavin & Danielle

Having a traveled them wedding centered around us being from two different cultural backgrounds was extremely important. He lived in the islands and me in the United States allowed for distant wedding planning and preparation. We had 350 guest come from all over the world but our wedding planners executed an amazing day. Don't get me wrong their were some unplanned things that happened but we never knew about them until the wedding was completely over and everyone expressed how much they enjoyed them self. Wedding planners are a necessity, and thank God we hired one.

Shomari and Octavia 2018.jpg

Shomari & Octavia

Toccoa Falls was an ideal place to get married as you can see the backdrop was amazing. We worked with Tamara for months to plan.our beautiful day. We were extremely please as the venue was 2 hrs away from Atlanta with most of our guest visiting from New York. Having to hire a huge bus to pick the guest added some nervousness to our day . But the our wedding planner assisted in making it a smooth process........ " Got to love your planners"

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